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Crafting unparalleled sound experiences for superyachts and luxury residences

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Luxury asset owners

, we understand that sound is an integral part of your expected experience in owning a luxury yacht or residential property. Whether that be escaping into your favourite classical music with the sea breeze passing by and enjoying your favourite cocktail, or dancing to your sunset poolside party with all your friends and family. Our six-step process is designed to bring your vision to reality, creating state-of-the-art customized sound systems that exceed your expectations. With our expertise, your desired space will be fitted with a bespoke audio experience tailored to your unique desires.

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AV&IT integrators

, let Bach Acoustics elevate your projects to new heights. Our sound acoustics expertise ensures audio excellence, whether it's a complete design and build of a new system or the calibration and fine-tuning of an existing setup. Trust us to deliver the perfect harmony of audio and visual technologies.

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Superyacht Captains and ETOs

, we recognize that an underperforming sound system can impact the overall guest experience onboard. Our comprehensive sound and acoustics survey identifies the most effective solutions to optimize your system. From calibration and component upgrades to a complete overhaul, we'll ensure the best results without breaking the bank. Ensure your guests get the ultimate sensory experience.

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Interior designers

, we're here to help you seamlessly integrate sound systems and acoustic elements into your sophisticated designs. With Bach Acoustics, you can be confident that the visual elegance of your interiors will be perfectly complemented by an exceptional auditory experience.